與美食餐廳有關的單字 (x40)

01.appetizer (n.) 前菜;開胃菜 ( = starter)

02.aperitif (n.) 餐前酒; 開胃酒

03.entree  (n.) 主餐 (肉類或魚類)

04.dessert (n.) 甜點 (通常是飯後品嚐)

05.local food (n.) 當地料理's special (n.) 今日特餐(即當天的促銷餐點)

07.recommend (v.) 推薦

08.order (v.) 點(菜) (當名詞用的order:命令,順序,規則)

09.steak (n.) 牛排

10.roast beef (n.)烤牛肉 rib (n.) (牛前胸的)上等肋條

12.sirloin (n.) 沙朗(指牛腰上方的肉)

13.tenderloin (n.) 里脊肉

14.rare (adj.) 一到二分熟

15.medium rare (adj.) 三到四分熟

16.medium (adj.) 五分熟

17.medium well (adj.) 六到七分熟

18.well-done (adj.) 全熟的

19.dumpling (n.) 水餃

20.spring roll (n.) 春捲

21.fried rice (n.) 炒飯

22.fried noodles (n.) 炒麵

23.beverage (n.) 飲料

24.cocktail (n.) 雞尾酒

25.whiskey (n.) 威士忌

26.on the rocks (n.) 加冰塊 (rocks原指岩石 石塊)

27.soft drink (n.) 無酒精飲料 (soft柔軟的 溫和的) (n.) 啤酒

29.salty (adj.) 鹹的; 加鹽的 (salt鹽)

30.spicy (adj.) 辣的;加辛香料的 (Spicy Girl 辣妹合唱團) 

31.sweet (adj.) 甜的

32.for here (在店內用餐) go (外帶)

34.takeout (n.) 外帶的餐點

35.French fries (n.) 炸薯條

36.combo (n.) 套餐;組合餐
(combo有組合 連同 聯合的意思)

37.reservation (n.) 預約

38.check (n.) 帳單

39.refill (v.) (飲料的)續杯

40.dress code (n.) 服裝規定(有些高級餐廳對客人穿著有規定)

與美食餐廳有關的句型 (x20)

1. 我要訂今晚七點 五個人的位子
    I would like to reserve a table for five at seven o'clock tonight.

2. 訂位可以保留多久呢?
    How long will you  hold a reservation?

    (hold保留, hold on堅持住!)

3. 我的訂位要延後半小時可以嗎?
    I'd like to postpone my reservation for half an hour.
    Would that be possible?

    (I'd = I would, postpone延後)

4. 我們有六個人,有包廂的位子嗎?
    We have six people.
    Are there any tables in a private room?


5. 晚餐是幾點供應? 
    At what time do you serve dinner?

    (serve 供應, service服務)

6. 你們有提供素食嗎? 
    Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

    (vegetatian 素食的,素食者)

7. 宮保雞丁是我最喜愛的一道菜
    Kung pao chicken is my favorite dish.

    (dish 菜餚.碗盤)

8. 那間餐廳經常一位難求,所以要先訂位
    It's difficult to get a seat at that restaurant quite often,
    so we have to make a reservation beforehand.
    (事先,預先  beforehand = in advance)   

9. 這間餐廳的東西便宜又好吃
    The food at this restaurant is cheap and tasty.
    (taste味道, tasty美味的) 

10. 我們還要等多久?
      How much longer do we have to wait?

11. 一有位子我們馬上通知您
     As soon as there are available seats,
     we will contact you immediately.
     (as soon as 一..就.. , immediately立即地)

     Would you like it for here or to go?

     How long do we need to wait for takeout?


    I'd like a cheeseburger with pickles and ketchup.

     Which appetizer would you like? 
    (which問句用在 有種纇可以選擇的情境.."要哪一種呢?")

     I'd like to have this dish, but i don't want it very spicy. 

     I'm starving. Let's hurry up and order.

     Does the New York steak come with a baked potato?
     (come with伴隨 附加, bake(v)烤 , baked (adj)烤的)

     Could I have herbal tea instead of oolong tea?
     (instead of= in place of 代替)

     Do you charge for refills?
     (charge收費, refill續杯) 


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