1. 我好久沒有見到你了

    I haven't seen you in ages.

    (ages 好幾年;好久  是一種誇飾用法 強調好一段時間)

2. 你在忙些什麼

    What have you been up to?

3. 忙這忙那的

    A little of this, a little of that.

4. 問候對方近況如何?過得好不好~有以下問法:

    What's up? 

    What's new?

    What's the latest? (latest 最新的;最近的)

    What's the latest and greatest?

    How've you been lately?

    How are you doing?

    How have you been?

    How is it going?

    How's thing?

    Howdy? ( How do you do簡化而來~以前牛仔們之間常使用~)

5. 從來沒有這麼好過!  (當別人問你過的好不好.覺得"自己過得很棒"的回答)

     Couldn't be better.

     Never felt better!


6. 已經糟到不能再糟了!  (覺得"自己過得很慘"~) 

     I couldn't have done worse!

 7. 還好啦!(馬馬虎虎 還過得去~有以下4種說法)


    Not so good / Not so hot

    Just OK, I guess.

    Just getting by.

8. 真沒想到會在這遇見你 (驚喜口吻)

    Fancy meeting you here.

9. 問對方"發生什麼事了?" "怎麼了?"可以這麼說:

    What's going on?

    What gives?

    What's the world?


    I've been down in the dumps lately. (我最近心情跌到了谷底)

    I've been down lately. (我最近很沮喪)

    I feel miserable today. (我今天很不愉快)

    I'm going through a rough patch in my life. (我正處於人生中的低潮)


    I'm here for you.(我會在這裡支持你)

    Do you need a shoulder to cry on? (你需要可以靠著哭泣的肩膀嗎?)

    How about a hug? (要不要抱一下)

    There. There. (好了好了/沒事了沒事了)

12.你有時間喝杯咖啡嗎?   (coffee也可以換成其他的飲料~如:茶 tea)

    Do you have time for coffee?

    Let's go get a cup of coffee. (一起去喝杯咖啡吧!)


    I have time for a quick coffee.

    I have time for a quick cup.


    I am out of here. (我要走了!)

    I should hit the road.(我該上路了)

    I've got to run. (我得趕緊走了)

    Gotta go. (該走了)

    Time to run. (該走了)

    I'm leaving. (我要離開了)


Don't be a stranger.

(stranger 陌生人, 這句話是要好有常常來拜訪~別像個陌生人一樣都不連絡)





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